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By: W. Milok, MD

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O 146 Health of Massachusetts Some of these actions may be achievable through incentives; resources quit smoking 40 days ago discount 17.5mg nicotinell with visa, of necessity quit smoking lungs heal safe nicotinell 17.5mg, will be prioritized based on measured effectiveness quit smoking using acupuncture generic nicotinell 52.5mg visa. We have programs to reduce smoking quit smoking 80524 zip code buy 52.5 mg nicotinell visa, post caloric content and eliminate trans-fat products. However, we have significant ethnic disparities in health care delivery and outcomes. Children in poorer communities have excess tooth decay; large numbers of Massachusetts residents have no access to dental professionals. We continue to experience soaring rates of obesity, diabetes and their related complications in urban neighborhoods. Increases in chronic diseases portend that inadequate action now will rapidly result in a cascade of costs and burdens to the state and its citizens. New policies and programs need to target prevention strategies, environmental changes and at-risk communities. Healthier food choices need to be available and affordable; excess exposure to high calorie foods needs to be limited. Schools need to teach life-long skills which encourage healthy dietary choices, promote physical activity, emphasize good oral health care and avoid risks from tobacco, excess alcohol and other substances of abuse. Workplaces need on-site health care providers (medical, dental, nursing, nutrition, exercise, etc. Communities need incentives to create safe zones (playgrounds, walking paths, swimming pools) for activity, implement fluoridation and promote businesses which carry healthier foods. Policies and programs must have the flexibility to respond to local ethnic and racial preferences. By developing policies and programs which optimize nutrition and physical activity, promote oral health, minimize exposure to harmful substances and reduce disparities, we can prevent and reduce the impact of chronic diseases on Massachusetts citizens. The underlying cause of death is the disease or injury that initiated the series of events leading directly to death. For example, a person with diabetes may have had an underlying cause of death due to heart disease and their diabetes was a contributing cause. Percentages shown are for adults with diabetes who had eye exams, foot exams and flu vaccinations within the last year. Percentages shown for A1c are for adults with diabetes who had a blood test performed at least twice within the last year. Percentages shown for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose are for adults with diabetes who self-monitor their blood sugar every day. An age-adjusted incidence rate was not calculated when there were fewer than 20 cases. Obesity in adulthood and its consequences for life expectancy: a life-table analysis. Prevalence of overweight and at risk of overweight among Massachusetts children aged 2 and < 5 years. The effectiveness of interventions to increase physical activity: a systematic review. Television viewing as a cause of increasing obesity among children in the United States, 1986-1990. Television watching and other sedentary behaviors in relation to risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus in women. Physical activity and television watching in relation to risk for type 2 diabetes in men. Percentages of students who watched television 3 or more hours per day on an average school day. American Lung Association, Epidemiology and Statistics Unit, Research and Program Services. Asthma-related chemicals in Massachusetts: an analysis of Toxic Use Reduction Act data. Diagnosis and management of work-related asthma: American College Of Chest Physicians Consensus Statement. National Diabetes Data Group, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Diseases. Preservation of pancreatic beta cell function and prevention of type 2 diabetes by pharmacological treatment of insulin resistance in high-risk hispanic women. Final Report of the Healthy Massachusetts Disease Management and Wellness: Focus on Diabetes.

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What information and anticipatory guidance should you give the parents of a child that has an innocent murmur Definitions for Specific Terms: Murmur- An abnormal sound heard when listening to the heart or neighboring large blood vessels caused by turbulent blood flow quit smoking questions cheap nicotinell 35mg mastercard. Pathologic murmurs should be considered if the murmur is loud >3+ quit smoking nicotine withdrawal buy discount nicotinell on-line, coarse in quality quit smoking 4th week cheap 35mg nicotinell with amex, associated with a thrill (palpable turbulence) quit smoking 4 years order generic nicotinell on line, holosystolic, diastolic (decrescendo or middiastolic). In addition, these should be concerning if a murmur is continuous at a site other than commonly heard with the normal cervical venous hum, or is associated with any cardio-respiratory symptoms. For infants, concerning signs might include rapid breathing, difficulty feeding, cyanosis, or failure to thrive. For older children, difficulty exercising, chest pain, or fatigue should elicit concern. The cervical venous hum is a continuous murmur heard at the right base of the neck and is best heard in the upright position typically resolving when supine. In the newborn/infant a soft systolic murmur heard best at the upper left sternal border radiating to the axilla is most likely normal/physiologic branch pulmonary artery stenosis that will likely resolve as branch pulmonary arteries grow to normal size. What information and anticipatory guidance should you give the parents of a child with an innocent murmur Innocent murmurs do not need sports/activity restrictions (are not an excuse to be physically inactive). Innocent murmurs may get louder or softer depending upon hydration, activity, and illness/fever. Innocent murmurs should be followed by primary care provider for ongoing reassurance or referral in the uncommon event they were to change in a concerning fashion. You are examining an otherwise healthy one-month-old child and detect a systolic murmur along the upper left sternal border that radiates to the back. Definitions for specific terms: Murmur - An abnormal sound heard when listening to the heart or neighboring large blood vessels caused by turbulent blood flow. Murmurs are defined by the quality, timing in the cardiac cycle, location where best heard, radiation, and grade (or severity) of the murmur. What clinical information should you ask when you hear a heart murmur in an infant Check the brachial and femoral pulses to ensure they are equal without delay and confirm 4 extremity blood pressures with lower extremity are equal to or higher than the upper extremity blood pressures in normal patients. The differential diagnosis for a systolic murmur in this one month old includes: a. If on careful examination, the murmur is thought to be actually loudest over the back and radiating anteriorly to the chest, one should consider the possibility of coarctation of the aorta where the murmur is created by the turbulence across the kink of the (left of midline descending) aorta. Systolic murmurs that are soft and not associated with symptoms can be followed over time. Share with family your clinical diagnosis, possible other diagnoses, and how you will follow the child. Make sure you explain what a murmur is, how common murmurs are, and the anticipated good long-term prognosis. Suggestions for Learning Activities: Review the innocent murmurs of childhood and consider pathologic murmurs that would be in the differential for each one. A six-year-old, previously healthy, girl presents with a 3 by 5 cm tender anterior cervical lymph node. What historical and physical examination information is essential to develop an appropriate differential diagnosis Note: the age of the patient must be taken into account when deciding if a lymph node is larger than normal Adenopathy- Swelling and morbid change in lymph nodes Adenitis- Inflammation of lymph nodes Review of Important Concepts: Historical Points There are many important details in the history that must be determined in working up an enlarged lymph node. This includes: how long ago it was first noticed how quickly it grew whether it has changed over time, especially if it had decreased in size associated pain, if any other locations where enlarged lymph nodes were found associated skin changes, especially erythema how it feels to the parents and the patient More broadly, a history designed to elicit a potential cause for lymphadenopathy should also be obtained. The most common cause of lymphadenopathy is infections, and so a history appropriate for an infectious workup (fever, exposures especially to strep, pain, erythema) is needed. If this turns out to be negative, further history looking for less common causes of lymphadenopathy (autoimmune, hematologic, malignancy, metabolic disorders) should be obtained.

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Lymphoma can also invade the meninges quit smoking results timeline discount generic nicotinell canada, producing multiple cranial neuropathies and polyradiculopathies quit smoking jewelry 52.5 mg nicotinell amex. This patient had a history suggestive of prior polyradiculopathy quit smoking 3 months ago women generic nicotinell 35mg with visa, but the spontaneous resolution of his symptoms was atypical of lymphoma quit smoking 02 purchase nicotinell once a day. Infections such as cryptococcus, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, herpes zoster, cytomegalovirus, and herpes simplex virus can also affect the optic nerves or the retina. There was no evidence of venous sinus thrombosis or abnormal meningeal enhancement. Lumbar puncture yielded a slightly high opening pressure (27 cm H2O), high white cell count (21. However, the opening pressure associated with these conditions is typically much higher than that observed in this case. To better tailor further workup, reconsideration of the localization of the problem is important. Processes affecting the afferent visual pathway posterior to the chiasm should produce visual field deficits that respect the vertical meridian in both eyes. The field defects in this case crossed the vertical meridian, indicating a process affecting the visual pathway anterior to the chiasm. Therefore, given the lateralizing defects in visual acuity, visual field sensitivity, and color vision in the left eye, further assessment of the anterior and posterior segments, with focused examination of the macular regions, is necessary to identify any pathology and to elucidate the mechanism of vision loss in this case. In addition to the optic disc edema, there was a slightly creamy appearance to the choroid around the disc, greater in the left than the right eye. Fluorescein angiogram showed an infiltrative process around the optic nerves in both eyes, and extension through the macula in the left eye (figure 1, B and D). Further testing showed a reactive plasma syphilis antibody that was confirmed with enzyme immunoassay. Although syphilis serology does not differentiate active disease from previous infection, this man was known to have unreactive syphilis testing in the recent past. He was treated with parenteral penicillin with significant improvement in his visual symptoms. When assessed in follow-up after 2 months, his visual acuity was 20/20 in both eyes. Fundus examination demonstrated mild optic disc hyperemia bilaterally (figure e-1 on the Neurology Web site at In the early infection phase, acute meningitis, meningovasculitis, and myelitis have been described. Cognitive impairment (general paralysis of the insane) and tabes dorsalis, characterized by sensory ataxia and lancinating pains, are seen in the late stages of the disease. This can pose a challenge in the immunocompromised patient since serology relies on the immune response to the infection. Williams serves on scientific advisory boards for Bausch Lomb, Novartis, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. She reported 3 weeks of progressive clumsiness of the right limbs, weakness of the right leg, and an unsteady gait. She denied cognitive dysfunction, headache, bulbar or sensory symptoms, muscle stiffness/spasms, antecedent infection, fever, or other systemic complaints. Nine years earlier, the patient had experienced an episode of diplopia and unsteadiness which resolved spontaneously after 3 months. In the 1980s, a low vitamin B12 level (value unknown) was thought to have been an incidental finding; levels 500 ng/L have been maintained with a B12 supplement. General medical examination had normal results, including the absence of vitiligo. Funduscopic, pupillary, visual field, and monocular acuity examinations were unremarkable. Near card straightahead binocular acuity was 20/20, but only 20/50 in lateral downgaze due to oscillopsia.

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His general examination showed a drop of 20 mm Hg in his systolic blood pressure when standing without an increase in pulse rate quit smoking know purchase nicotinell 17.5 mg with visa. He had loss of sensation to pinprick up to the knees and midforearms bilaterally and vibratory sensation loss in his toes and fingertips quit smoking cold turkey side effects buy discount nicotinell 17.5 mg on-line. His reflexes were absent except for those for the biceps and brachioradialis quit smoking with hypnosis purchase nicotinell, which were diminished quit smoking you fool nicotinell 17.5 mg discount. His dysautonomia included constipation, erectile dysfunction, orthostatic hypotension, and urinary retention. His weight loss could be related to a systemic condition that resulted in neuropathy or could be part of the dysautonomia, which may cause early satiety from reduced gastric emptying. Most polyneuropathies have some involvement of the autonomic system, but when autonomic signs are prominent as in this patient, the differential diagnosis is narrower. For example, this patient denied any toxic exposures and did not have risk factors or clinical findings suggestive of infectious disorders. Anti-Hu neuropathy is primarily a sensory neuropathy and does not result in motor weakness. Screening for other etiologies such as metabolic and autoimmune disease is necessary because neuropathy may be the only manifestation of the disease. A chest X-ray and skeletal survey were also done to rule out myeloma, and results were negative. In these 3 diagnoses, autonomic neuropathy tends to occur relatively early in the course of the disease and results in sexual impotence in men, gastrointestinal motility problems, and bladder retention. Other causes of hereditary amyloid neuropathy are ruled out because of the clinical features. The procedure is easy to perform and is a safe and less invasive alternative to a nerve biopsy, but the sensitivity of 72% is relatively low. If results of genetic testing are negative, one can then proceed with a sural nerve and muscle biopsy. In this patient, the presence of prominent dysautonomia and the chronicity of the symptoms narrowed the diagnosis. After acquired causes of chronic polyneuropathy and autonomic neuropathy were ruled out, the most likely diagnosis was amyloid polyneuropathy. His parents may have died before developing severe symptoms, or genetic anticipation may have occurred. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often an early feature and may be the only clinical manifestation. It should be noted that not all amyloid disorders are associated with a peripheral neuropathy. For example, peripheral neuropathy is not seen in reactive (secondary) amyloidosis or in most of the inherited amyloidoses characterized by renal, hepatic, or cardiac deposition. This procedure is typically reserved for patients with polyneuropathy restricted to the lower extremities or with autonomic neuropathy alone. These patients should be younger than 60 years, should have disease duration of less than 5 years, and should not have significant cardiac or renal dysfunction. Utility of subcutaneous fat aspiration for the diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis (immunoglobulin light chain). Utility of subcutaneous fat aspiration for diagnosing amyloidosis in patients with isolated peripheral neuropathy. Familial carpal tunnel syndrome due to amyloidogenic transthyretin His114 variant. Biochemical characteristics of variant transthyretins causing hereditary leptomeningeal amyloidosis. The course and prognostic factors of familial amyloid polyneuropathy after liver transplantation.

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